Subscribe to BuyMyArt

It is very easy to subscribe to BuyMyArt membership. All you need do is email John and indicate your interest.

I will send you a welcome email. Within that email will be details of our plans and the price. Also included will be a short questionnaire providing us with feedback about your needs and expectations. This will help us manage workflow and ensure your expectations are met.

Within the email will be payment options and details on how you may join our online communities on Slack, Facebook and Google+

Following receipt of our welcome email, you make payment arrangements, confirm payment details by email and proceed to join our online communities.

Then whenever you need help all you need do is email us your requirements and leave the rest to us.

If you have a pre-paid annual subscription you will be sent a reminder email two months prior to the end of your subscription period inviting your to renew your subscription.

Those on monthly payment plans remain members for as long as their monthly payment fee is paid on time.