Road 2 Recovery

Road 2 Recovery offers local government in Australia an affordable way to to support cultural and arts organisations in their area.

Whereas much of the financial support to date has been directed at large iconic arts organisations or individual artists, Road 2 Recovery provides you with an opportunity to show support for the myriad of small regional and community arts organisations, as well as the larger arts organisations in your area.

Road 2 Recovery will provide arts and cultural organisations with a roadmap to future viability and sustainability. I will use The Cycle, an organisational activity model, developed by Michael Kaiser, for arts organisations, to create this roadmap.

Participants will take away a detailed roadmap and checklist to guide them through their own operational activities, along with a special offer for small community arts organisations.

Art4u.australia is a consulting agency working with arts organisations to help them remain viable and sustainable. We recognise many arts organisations operate on the leanest of resources and we are committed to providing them with access to affordable guidance, support and resources.

During this presentation I will set out the key activities arts organisations should focus their attention upon as they rebuild for the future. I will bring into the discussion my two decades of experience guiding, advising and managing nonprofit organisations and in art event management.

I am offering this presentation to local councils as a means for them to provide support for the cultural and arts organisations within their area. I am offering the presentation to council at a price of $1199.00 exc gst, with council providing use of a venue with audio visual equipment. I will provide council with marketing material for website, social media and online newsletters to community. In addition I will support council marketing with email marketing to my own mailing list. Council may elect to provide the event as a free service or they may elect to charge a fee to participants.

To indicate your interest in hosting this event please email me on I will call you back to discuss suitable dates and answer any questions. Once a date has confirmed, I will seek a purchase order number from you and raise an invoice for payment within 30 days.