Stop Talking About Money

Arts organisations should stop talking about money and instead talking about their long term artistic program

Financial Surplus

A lesson may emerge from the Covid-19 crisis. That lesson is the importance of generating a financial surplus. Doing so will enable two outcomes. The first being to enable ongoing investment in your artistic program. The second being to enable your organisation to continue during bad times. While some nonprofit organisations have been allowed to…

Carriageworks can rebuild

Carriageworks in Sydney NSW has been placed into voluntary administration in an effort to survive the Covid-19 inspired shutdown of the arts sector. Analysis of recent financial reports illustrate underlying issues prior to Coronavirus. Mapping of operations against The Cycle organisational framework show the basics were not being attended to.

Are You Peeking?

Arts organisation management teams should take time to look over the fence from time to time and compare the art they offer with the art offered by others. When art is all the same, art becomes boring.

Melbourne Art Fair

While the actual Melbourne Art Fair has been rescheduled for 2021, in June 2020 the public will be able to view virtual artists galleries online

The Cycle

The Cycle framework helps arts organisations to identify areas for improvement and set a long term pathway to becoming sustainable

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is an umbrella view, it is not an operational plan. Keep it simple

Under The Stars

Under the stars presents stargazing and mapping by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists on display Art Gallery NSW till 20 September 2020