Eye To Eye

Eye to Eye is a summer Portrait Gallery Collection remix arranged by degree of eye contact – from turned away with eyes closed all the way through to right-back-at-you – as we explore artists’ and subjects’ choices around the direction of the gaze. The progression of visages is designed to prompt the senses, tapping into…

What makes being an artist great — Nicholas Wilton

Hi there, We are all familiar with the hard parts of being an artist. But today, since this is a season of gratitude, I thought I would talk about what I love about artists. First off, I am so thankful I am one. However, it is easier to recognize the characteristics I appreciate in my… via…

Any Old Road

Goal setting is easy, doing the things that need to be done is the challenge

Governance in arts

Create a governance environment based upon best practice and you will always find the right people willing to serve on your board or committee

Shaun Hayes

Shaun Hayes exhibition I Guess This Is Growing Up at Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW from 18 September

Tjungu Palyangku

Tjungu Palyangku Tjukurpa titutjara kunpu ngaranytja-ku As we come together we stand strong for our story. Curated by Tjungu Palya Artists Artbank is facilitating a community-led exhibition of works by the Tjungu Palya Art Centre from the Nyapari community in South Australia. Two years in the making, the exhibition will be displayed in Artbank’s Sydney…

Robert Dickerson

Robert Dickerson ‘Off the Canvas’ exhibition, Newcastle Art Gallery NSW from 24 August