Our Process

All client work we undertake is on a contract basis. This means that once the desired outcomes, time frames and budgets have been established, we prepare a contract setting out the details. So long as the project scope remains unchanged then the quoted price will not change. We remain engaged in the project for as long as it takes to achieved the results agreed upon.

Small projects are invoiced upon completion. Complex projects, over an extended time frame are invoiced 50% on commencement, 25% month by month and the final 25% upon completion.

In our conversations we are guided by a series of models including The Cycle, a proven operational model for arts organisations and the Carver Policy Framework a proven model for best practice governance. These models are able to be adapted to your situation. They represent best practice. We are not looking to replace your existing structure or systems, rather help you to implement best practice within your own environment.

We offer clients access to a suite of diagnostic tools. These are particularly useful when you sense something isn’t right but are not sure of the actual issue. These tools provide you with evidence of a need to change, a baseline and prioritised action plan. These tools are designed to ensure you invest resources where they will have the greatest impact.

Where your organisation is subscribed to either e-mentor or gold standard plans we are available to any person within your organisation, to provide advice and guidance on a 24/7 basis. Those on a subscription plan receive the same high standard of service delivery as clients contracting us on a project basis.

At all times our consulting process is founded upon openness and transparency, along with full reporting processes.