We don’t like to waste your time or your money. We want you to understand a problem and its impact before you decide to spend money on a solution. To achieve this we are guided by a series of business models designed to help you identify and prioritise issues.

The Cycle Model for arts businesses

The Cycle

After considerable research and study we have adapted The Cycle as our base model for guiding arts businesses and organisations. We work with your Board and CEO to assess capacity in each area of The Cycle, implement The Cycle

Carver Policy Governance model


We overlay the Carver model of governance when helping develop best practice for boards and committees of management. Our Board audit tool also enables your board to assess its overall effectiveness. We also help guide you through strategic planning and increasing diversity on your Board or Committee.

Operations Model


We apply a variety of tools including our organisational health check, capacity and capability assessment, leadership, management and diversity audits to ensure you have appropriate operational capacity