How BuyMyArt Helps You

BuyMyArt has been established to save you time and help you to promote yourself and sell your art. Subscribing to a BuyMyArt plan will also save you money.

Marketing and promotion is time consuming, and it is never free. Even a seemingly simple task of placing content onto social media requires a plan, a process and time, if it is to be done well and be effective. Time is money. More importantly BuyMyArt will enable you to focus upon creating art, while knowing someone else is in your corner, helping to promote you.

BuyMyArt is modular and designed to work for you, the way you need it to work. Each service is high customisable and unique to your needs. For example, if you need a media release, it is written by us, using your information and approved by you prior to distribution to our media list. You want a new website, we don’t just cut & paste past content, we actually take time to talk with you about the impression you want to project, the outcomes you want to achieve and the key messages you want to publish – then we create your own, unique content.

BuyMyArt is cost effective. Were you to engage people to prepare marketing for you on a customised, individual basis then it could cost more than the value of your sold art. At BuyMyArt we leverage the strength of our membership. Each member pays a small, affordable annual fee and in return receives high quality marketing and promotional help. How can we do this? It is because we know that not every member will utilise every service at the same time. The collective membership fees enable us to provide each member with the service they need when they need it.

BuyMyArt is a high quality, professional service. We want you to look great. This means your marketing and promotional material must look great. Whether it be print, digital, photography or media you can be assured of the quality. We back this with our 100% guarantee of satisfaction, or your money back.