Gold Standard

Gold Standard is our premium subscription program for non-profit arts organisations with annual revenue greater than $500,000.

To qualify for Gold Standard your organisation must have a management team comprising no less than three people.

Gold Standard is a monthly subscription plan of $3700 excluding GST for a minimum of 12 months.

Prior to commencing Gold Standard your organisation must have completed our quick health check and returned it to us for discussion, or have gathered your own evidence of a need to change.

Within Gold Standard we facilitate a comprehensive organisational assessment with your management group, including analysis of how your organisation engages in the activities within The Cycle. The organisational assessment will examine governance, planning, risk management, diversity & inclusion, financial management, technology and human resources.

Following these assessment I provide analysis that is tailored to your unique environment, and work with your managers to develop a detailed action plan. I then meet monthly with yourself and/or your managers to review progress. I mentor and coach managers through implementation of the action plan and I collect evidence of success. 

The benefit of Gold Standard is that I become embedded in your organisation and add even further value through advising and guiding strategic planning, operations, stakeholder engagement and marketing – all within the subscription fee!

If you have completed our quick health check or have gathered evidence of a need to change and would like to discuss having someone in place to work with your management team please email John