Gift Policy

Our gift policy has been developed to provide clear boundaries for both clients and consultants.

Gifting by clients is acceptable when made within the following circumstances.

Gifts from clients must not –

  • Be in the form of money, travel, accommodation, sexual favours, pornography, drugs or any form of illicit activity
  • exceed the value of two tickets to a client event
  • be offered prior to the completion of a contracted task or assignment

Our consultants are required to decline gifts that do not comply with above guidelines. They are not permitted to accept gifts offered during negotiation of a contract or prior to a contract being completed.

Consultants and employees of art4u.australia are not permitted to offer gifts or incentives to clients to facilitate a contract negotiating process.

Entertaining clients is acceptable, however limited to dining and drinks.

art4u.australia does not engage in bartering services for gifts of any type. We do offer pro bono services to select art organisations.