Gallery Management

At art4u.australia we provide gallery owners and managers with advice and guidance on best practice for operating a small business.

Firstly we understand an art gallery may not always be about making money; it is a place based upon passion where art and culture unfold in an experience for those that enjoy arts.

At the same time, unless you have an unlimited bucket of money, your art gallery does at least need to cover its costs and pay you something for your time, after you have paid artists commissions, operating costs and taxation.

Through our business coaching service I apply our business health check to help you identify pain points within your business, establish goals for improvement and set out an action plan. From there I guide you through implementation and collecting evidence of success.

Through this process I help you review your exhibition program, marketing, customer experience, financial management, operational aspects such as your digital footprint and risk management.

As your business coach I don’t tell you how to operate your gallery. I walk you through a decision making process to enable you to make informed choices. I never lock you into long term contracts and I don’t ask you to purchase books or other merchandise.

Are you an art gallery operator looking for someone to share your journey? A safe place to talk through ideas and to enable forward planning, then email John and I can set up a free, no-obligation online meeting.