art4u.australia has designed e-mentor to provide resources and help to arts organisations that are run by volunteers or a part-time paid manager, and have less than $200,000 revenue per annum.

e-mentor provides small arts organisations with on-demand, access to capacity and capabilities. This minimises the impact of having limited staff and resources. e-mentor is a subscription program that provides any member of your organisation access to advice and guidance.

With e-mentor you have someone to help prepare a funding submission, prepare policies, guide governance, or assist with recruitment. This experience is available to your organisation when and as you need it, for an affordable, annual subscription. This is not a call-center; it’s a personalised service, tailored to your needs. You have access to an experienced manager, a consultant, mentor and our complete suite of models, including The Cycle.

The annual fee for e-mentor is $6900 excluding GST. Payment is made at commencement of the program.

e-mentor is available to a maximum of 10 organisations, from anywhere in Australia. To ensure other organisations can also access the program, an organisation can remain within the e-mentor program for a maximum of two years.

If you are a small arts organisation looking to grow in a controlled manner and become increasingly sustainable then e-mentor is the perfect program for you. Email your interest to John.