Culture & Arts Strategy

Local government set out frameworks for how communities will evolve. Local government’s role is to set out a culture & arts strategy that sets out a framework to guide participation in culture and the arts. This enables all off community to benefit from access and participation, helps to break down barriers and encourages acceptance of diversity.

A culture & arts strategy encourages all of community to understand that creativity is for everyone, not just artists, the wealthy or collectors. It recognises the creative input and needs of Indigenous people, marginalised groups, youth, the aged, arts and culture businesses. It sets out a vision for how government would like to see arts and cultural activities flourish. It sets the tone and provides encouragement for arts and culture to play an important role in civil society. A cultural strategy enables the culture and arts to participate in decision making.

Culture and arts are a pillar for sustainable development and provide regions with comparative advantage and competitiveness. Together they support tourism, develop creative hubs, create employment, facilitate social cohesion, creates a place where people want to belong and through health outcomes; improves quality of life.

At art4u.australia we believe the process for developing a cultural strategy should –

  • engage key stakeholder groups, including – artists, culture workers, community, marginalised groups and business
  • be open and transparent
  • provide opportunities for ideas to be shared
  • develop shared understanding about art, culture and creativity
  • recognise diversity in the community and cater for diverse needs
  • contribute to making society a better place

Our process begins with stakeholder engagement and consultation. This brings people to the table, builds understanding of the gap between the present and the future and identifies core problems that need to be addressed by a culture & arts strategy. This also helps establish the key themes of the pending strategy.

Information is gathered through a variety of channels including surveys, workshops and public forums, and then coupled with research into existing data to inform the strategy.

art4u.australia’s founder, John Coxon, has decades off experience with community engagement, research, stakeholder consultation, strategic planning and report writing. When combined with our intimate understanding of the arts and culture environment and the creative process this experience uniquely positions us to assist local government with preparation of a culture & arts strategy.

When your Council’s culture & arts strategic plan is due for review and updating email John.