Great Art + Marketing + Building A Family of Supporters = Revenue.

This is known as The Cycle, an organisational activity framework developed by Michael Kaiser from his experiences as a manager of arts organisations. At art4u we have adopted The Cycle as the base model to inform our conversations with you.

The Cycle proposes that the heart of any arts organisation is a great artistic program – however great art requires investment, which in turn requires revenue from a growing family of supporters.

To compliment The Cycle we have a suite of organisational assessments and a business health check process help you identify gaps in capacity and capability. These inform your decision making, enable you to prioritise activities and ensure you invest money where it will have the greatest impact. A good place for you to start is to download our free, quick health check.

The Cycle and these assessment tools enable you to understand your real issues. We then tailor our advice and guide you through a process of identifying and implementing solutions.

We understand the arts environment. The founder of art4u is a creative engaged in the artistic process, with experience organising art events, is an experienced business operator and executive manager within the nonprofit sector and has two decades experience as a consultant to businesses and nonprofit organisations.

When you are ready to explore ways to develop your artistic program, market your organisation and your programs, build your family of supporters and increase your revenue, email your interest to John Coxon and he will call you back to arrange an initial meeting via Zoom.

Seminars: During 2021 we will be presenting a series of seminars around Australia titled Governance diversity in arts organisations. These seminars are our response to recent research illustrating the diversity gap in the governance and workplace of arts organisations. Select the link above to read more and to register.

e-mentor is a subscription program available to small, volunteer-run arts organisations to provide them with affordable access to high quality advice and capacity. View more on e-mentor package.