BuyMyArt Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to membership of BuyMyArt. When you commit to a membership payment plan you are indicating that you have read these Terms & Conditions and that you accept them in full. We reserve the right to change or modify these Terms & Conditions without prior notice to members.

  1. Membership of BuyMyArt is only open to members with a current payment plan, where payment has been made in advance for a 12-month period or they are paying monthly and all payments are current.
  2. art4u.australia and BuyMyArt reserve the right to cancel any membership where payments have been cancelled, refused by the members bank or fall into deficit by more than 60 days.
  3. art4u.australia and BuyMyArt reserve the right to cancel membership of online communities for any member that has cancelled their subscription or where payment has fallen into deficit.
  4. BuyMyArt offers members a 100% guarantee of satisfaction or their money back. This means that members that have pre-paid their subscription will receive a 100% refund of the full amount paid for the current period in the event they cancel their subscription due to poor service or dissatisfaction with our service. This refund will be restricted to a maximum amount off an annual subscription. This offer dos not apply to members that have subscribed but not to date, requested a service. Our 100% refund offer does not apply to membership accounts that have been cancelled by art4u.australia/BuyMyArt as a result of membership fees falling into deficit or due to abuse of these terms and conditions.
  5. A service is defined as a marketing or promotional service such as print, media, digital or advertising. In regards to our 100% guarantee of satisfaction, being a member of a BuyMyArt private online community group does not fall within the definition of a ‘service’.
  6. Members on a monthly pay-as-they-go payment plan may cancel their subscription at any time and will recieve a full refund of the current months payment. This refund shall be restricted to a maximum amount of one month’s subscription.
  7. Cancellation of a membership subscription must be received in writing, either by letter or by email, and acknowledged by art4u.australia/BuyMyArt, prior to accepting any claim for a refund of fees.
  8. Services available to subscription members are those set out on our current service schedule. This schedule may be downloaded from the art4u.australia website. art4u.australia and BuyMyArt reserve the right to modify or change the schedule or services at any time, without prior notice. All efforts will be made to advise members via our private community groups and email of any planned changes to the service offering, however the onus is upon a member to make themselves familiar with the services available to members.
  9. Subscription membership does not extend to services provided by third-party contractors, unless there is an agreement in writing, between the member and art4u.australia/BuyMyArt stating that the third party service is provided as part of the membership subscription.
  10. All third-party services will incur additional fees for the member. art4u.australia/BuyMyArt will not engage the services of a third-party contractor without written approval by the subscription member. All fees payable by a member for third party services must be agreed to in writing by the member and paid in advance of service delivery, unless there is an agreement, in writing between the member and BuyMyArt for alternative payment.
  11. As BuyMyArt is a paid subscription service, members are not permitted to share services with non-members. Any member found to be using their membership for the benefit of a non-member may have their membership cancelled.