Buy My Art FAQ

Q: Why has art4u created this service?

Essentially we want to help Australian artists to be recognised and this is one way of doing so, along with our social media channels, our website and other forms of promotion. To achieve this goal is expensive. To date art4u has been a labour of love, that cannot continue ad infinitum. Along with our online store, gallery and a limited amount of advertising, our membership subscription provides revenue to enable us to continue promoting Australian art and artists.

Q: I’m an artist with limited funds. What ways are there for me to become a member?

We understand the restraints upon artists, epecially emerging artists, yet this very service is the service that they need. Our annual membership is considerably less than you would spend if you were to do this marketing and promotion work yourself. You can pay monthly on our pay-as-you-use plan. In this way you can manage your cash flow. We do consider a small number of requests to barter original, signed artwork in return for membership. Barter is only available once to an individual artist, in return for once only, first year membership.

Q: How often might I access the BuyMyArt service?

So long as your membership remains current, either pre-paid or pay-as-you-use you can access any service shown in our membership service menu, at any time, as frequently as you need to. There are no limits upon your access to service. Regrettably if you have fallen behind or failed to renew your subscription then we will ask you to make your subscription current prior to starting any work for you.

Q: Why do some services attract an additional fee?

BuyMyArt membership services are comprehensive, at an affordable price. Some services, namely services that require a third party, such as printers or photographers can only be provided at an additional price as we have no way of knowing the level of need or the cost associated with that need.

Q: Is BuyMyArt affiliated with any organisation or arts body?

No, BuyMyArt is a trading division of art4.australia, which is an independent business with a mission to promote Australian art and artists.

Q: Do BuyMyArt members gain priority within the art4u.australia community?

Yes they do. While we do not exclude artists that are not members of BuyMyArt, we prioritise those that are members by promoting them first and foremost and more frequently. This is one of the benefits of membership. BuyMyArt members also receive discounts on purchases through the art4u.australia online store and gallery.

Q: Does art4u or BuyMyArt curate or rate artworks?

No. We are in the business of promoting Australian art and artists overall. As such we do not curate or judge or rate individual artists or pieces of art. Any rating that might occur does so via peer review on social media. This is outside of our control. On the art4u.australian mobile app (under development), users will be able to rate an exhibition or event they have visited.

Q: Could I do all my own marketing and promotion?

Of course, but probably not for $520 per annum. Your time alone would be more valuable than that amount, plus you would forgo the opportunity to work upon your creations.

Q: Do I need to subscribe every year, even if I don’t need your services?

We would never expect you to purchase something you are not going to use. Our aim is to create a comprehensive suite of marketing and promotion services, which you will be able to dip into at anytime and access those that help you and your art business. Our intention is to create high value and make it difficult for you to walk away from us. In the event you have no need for any of our services at a point in time you are welcome to stop your subscription and then renew it when the time is right.

Q: Why do I need to cancel my subscription in writing to claim my 100% refund of my fee?

We offer a 100@% guarantee of satisfaction. Obviously we will not refund your fee if you simply choose to not avail ourselves of our services, or you want to cancel because you have no ongoing need for our services. On the other hand if we have done a poor job then you shouldnt be expected to pay for that. If you are dissatisfied with our service, write to us, explaining why. If we cannot fix the situation to your satisfaction and you decide to cancel your subscription then we will refund our pre-paid members their full subscription for the current period. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Q: What if I need only a small selection of services for part of a year?

We offer a monthly pay-as-you-use plan. This enables you to join, pay monthly and access services as you need them. Clearly we would prefer you to maintain your monthly subscription, or switch to a less expensive, annual, pre-paid subscription however you could elect to cancel your monthly payments after you have accessed the services you need. We do not believe you will want to do this as our suite of services is very comprehensive and offers you benefits all year round.

Q: Will BuyMyArt add new services to the membership suite?

Yes, it is our intention to continue to build our suite of services. For example, members of BuyMyArt will be able to receive a discount from our online store. That store isn’t functional at this point, however as people join, become members and submit artworks for sale, we will add products to that store for artists. Our mobile app will continue to evolve and we expect some of the services associated with that app will be available exclusively to BuyMyArt members.