Health Check

art4u.australia has partnered with Maus Australia and Employsure to provide arts organisations with business advisory services, to guide you onto a sustainable base, ensure you remain compliant with industrial relations legislation, workplace safety and occupational health & safety

The business advisory process commences with a business health check. During the process the management group identifies the gap between the current state of your arts business and where you want it to be in future.

The evidence provided by the business health check guides decision making, business planning and prioritising ongoing activities.

The business advisory process includes monthly gathering of data, preperation of visual dashboards for your committee and management and support for managers to guide implementation.

This highly engaging process helps you to establish and operate your arts organisation as a business, complete with business planning, KPI’s, operations manual and policies for HR and workplace safety.

Small arts organisations with gross revenue of $2.5M or less may benefit from a subscriptions to our e-mentor advisory service.

john pic 2019_2The founder of art4u.australia is an experienced consultant and business mentor with experience in governance, management and art event management. For the past two decades John Coxon has provided organisational guidance to nonprofit organisations and small business operators in Australia and New Zealand. In the past John has been a committee member for the NZ Jade Artists Society and organiser of the NZ Jade Artist Award and exhibition in 2014 and 2016. John has also been a past Executive Officer for Community Southwest, an alliance of nonprofit organisations and a past Operations Manager/acting CEO at Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative. John also creates content for the art4u digital channels. John is an experienced project manager with experience in organisational mergers, multi-agency projects, planning and financial management, digital and ITC projects and change projects.

As an experienced mentor and management coach John remains engaged with your organisation helping steer implementation of your plans. Contact John.

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