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Alex Zubryn: Shop Talk. Documenting a vanishing aspect of Melbourne in a large-scale painting depicting vibrant, individual shops containing objects representing diverse cultures that are all under threat. On display at fortyfive downstairs, Melbourne, from 27 August till 7 September

Barbara Ryman: Leaves Fall. Barbara Ryman has been a leading influence in Australian Contemporary jewellery for more than 30 years. She has exhibited consistently both internationally and nationally. On display at Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW from 2 October till 19 October.

quilty AGSA 2019.jpg

Bernard Ollis: Departures. Includes 32 works on canvas and paper and depict Ollis’s impressions during his travels in Montmarte, Morocco, Sydney and Rajasthan. On display at Aarwun Gallery, Australian Capital Territory, from 1 March.

Beverly Elizabeth Taylor: Travel in Time: The exciting beauty and versatility of the fine bark Melaleuca (paperback) tree, the Persoonia (Geebung) tree and other Australian native trees, used to make fine artworks. On display at GalleryOne88, Katoomba, NSW from 30 July till 11 August.

Ciaran Begley & James Nguyen: Hell is other people is a collaboration that utilises the Nissen Hut – a ubiquitous example of military flatpack design – to process personal histories affected by successive policies of confinement that continues to define the Australian project. On display at Gertrude Glasshouse gallery, Victoria from 2 – 31 August.

Cai Guo-Qiang & Terracotta Warriors

Cai Guo-Qiang & Terracotta Warriors: In a dual presentation of Chinese art and culture past and present, the National Gallery of Victoria presents China’s ancient Terracotta Warriors alongside a parallel display of new works by one of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists, Cai Guo-Qiang. On display 24 May till 13 October.

Consuelo Cavaniglia & Brendan Van Hek: an unreliable narrator. River Capital commission 2019. A major collaboration between the two artists. On display at Gertrude Contemporary, Preston South, Victoria from 3 August till 21 September.

Courtney Coombs: Sometimes it’s the little things. An exploration of the power of seemingly fleeting moments. On display at Boxcopy, South Brisbane, Queensland from 7-21 September.

Curtis Taylor: Untitled (Uura). Perth based Martu artist Curtis Taylor has emerged as one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. PICA is pleased to present his first solo exhibition. On display at PICA, Perth from 19 October till 22 December.

Eliza Gosse: Eggs With Soldiered Toast Buttered Well. Paintings based on the memories of Australians growing up in modernist homes. On display at May Space, Waterloo, NSW till 15 September.

Jack Tar and Company: Water Bending Off A Rock. Photographs that find the romance of liquid and light water. On display at fortyfive downstairs, Melbourne from 10 till 28 September.

Jenna Lee: Another type of distance (between object, body and place). A Larrakia, Wardaman and Karajarri woman, LBGTI and of mixed race, these factors influence Jenna’s works. On display at Boxcopy, South Brisbane, Queensland from 7-21 September.

Jordon Debney: Bold wood-cut paintings & hyper-coloured illustrations can be seen on clothing, brand packaging & large scale murals. On display at Outre Gallery, Melbourne from 13 September till 29 September.

Katrin Terton: Beyond Sight. An amazing sensory art exhibition welcoming visitors who are blind, vision-impaired or fully sighted. On display at Burnie Arts Centre, Burnie, Tasmania from 25 October till 1 December.

Ken Unsworth: Marquettes & Small Sculptures. Since 1972 Ken Unsworth AM has been making maquettes and small sculptures. On display at Wollongong Art Gallery, NSW till 3 November.

Kevin Gilbert: A Message to be Heard. Gilbert’s earliest works and are the first lino prints to be made by an Aboriginal artist. On display at Murray Art Museum Albury, NSW till 22 September.

Lisa Garland: Raw Backyard. Large scale black and white photographs of people and sites that exist on the periphery. On display at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne from 24 August till 20 October.

Margaret Olley: A Generous Life. examines the legacy and influence of the much-loved Australian artist, Margaret Olley (1923–2011). On display at Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane from 15 June till 13 October.

Matthew Stanton & Abigail Varney: 23 Degrees and Rising. Two discreet bodies of work by two Melbourne-based photographers. On display at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne from 24 August till 20 October.

Michael Gromm: Idle-Wild. These works were created in Indonesia and this exhibition, Idle-wild, looks at my experiences there as an outsider. On display at Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne from 13 till 30 August.

monet impression sunrise

Monet: Impression Soleil levant/Impression Sunrise. This exclusive exhibition brings together works from the impressionist master and other significant artists to examine the founding of an art movement—a defining moment in art history. Ticketed. On display at National Gallery Australia, Canberra from 7 June till 1 September.

Nusra Latif Qureshi: Strategies of Intent. First solo Australian institutional exhibition presenting her ongoing investigation into the symbolism and assumptions embedded in art history. On display at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Haymarket, NSW from 23 August till 29 September.

patriccia piccinni eulogy

Patricia Piccinini: Life Clings Closest. This exhibition brings together works from the last twenty years of Piccinini’s practice, as well as a new group of works inspired by the unique environment of Far North Queensland. On display at Cairns Art Gallery, North Queensland, from 22 August till 8 December.

Panayiota Peta Petrakis: Anoigma. Melbourne-based Petrakis is a graduate of RMIT Fine Arts and her exhibition of abstract paintings are left incomplete to allow their own logic to speak. On display at Alternating Current Artspace,  Melbourne, Victoria from 13 Septermber till 5 October.

Penelope Metcalf: Since You’ve Been Gone. Paintings in and around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, as it is now. It won’t always be like this. On display at fortyfive downstairs, Melbourne from 27 August till 7 September.

Peter Sharp: this other thing. Abstract paintings inspired by the Australian bush, in particular the Eucalypt tree, and a study in entropy. On display at Liverpool Street Gallery, NSW from 6 September till 2 October.

Robert Dickerson: Off The Canvas. Paintings by Australian artist Robert Dickerson with works of art dating 1995-2011. On display at Newcastle Art Gallery, NSW from 24 August till 3 November.

Roger Kemp: Works from the Estate: 1930’s to 1960’s. Abstract works from little known Australian artist. On display at Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne Victoria from 7 till 28 September.

Rohan Jutchinson & Philip Samartizis: Polar Convergence. An exhibition of sound and image works in which the Arctic and Antarctic intersect. On display at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne from 24 August till 20 October.

Rosemary Valadon: Shadows of Desire. In her new series of paintings, Rosemary Valadon re-engages the still life tradition. On display at Wagner Contemporary, Sydney from 31 August till 25 September.

Shaelene Murray: Kin. Stainless steel sculptures that look wearable. On display at Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW from 9 October till 2 November.

Sharron Okines: Kitchenalia. Translating vintage op shop treasures through my work constructs my imagined family history. On display at Montsalvat Gallery, Melbourne until 29 October.

Shari Nye: This Land. Artist Shari Nye has spent the past two years painting scenes from the south west Victorian region. These will be on display at F Project gallery in Warrnambool, Victoria until 29 September.

shaun hayes only just realised i am short

Shaun Hayes: I Guess This Is Growing Up. Solo exhibition. Ceramics containing memories of the past that cause reflection. One display at Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW from 18 September till 5 October.

Thomas K Lee: Sex of Nature. A series of photographs by this Korean photograher contrasting differing landscapes from Nepal and Tasmania. On display at fortyfive downstairs from 10-28 September.

Group Exhibition: Portia Geach Memorial Award. Features 57 works by leading Australian women artists. On display at S. H. Ervine Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney until 15 September.

Group Exhibition: Great Movements of Feeling. Is a multi-disciplinary project that explores emotion as a cognitive and bodily force. On display at Hamilton Gallery, Victoria from 7 September till 3 November.

Group Exhibition: Women in Vogue: Celebrating 60 Years in Australia. Showcases 60 years of the Vogue Australia archive together with a special tribute to some remarkable Australian women who have featured in the pages of Vogue. On display at National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, ACT from 11 October till 24 November.

Group Exhibition: Sydney Contemporary. Multi-disciplinary art fair featuring works by more than 400 artists from 34 countries, including visual arts, performances, and installation works. Ticketed. At Carriageworks, Sydney from 12-15 September.

Group Exhibition: Genius Loci. This diverse group of artists zero in on the magic and mystery of atmosphere as it relates to the still life genre. On display at Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney, NSW from 4- 14 September.

Group Exhibition: Unfolding Acts 揭露行動. This exhibition brings together artists whose practices examine the social, cultural and historical fabric of these two cities. On display at PICA, Perth from 19 October till 22 December.

Group Exhibition: Certain Realities. This assembly of sculpture, painting, installation, and newly commissioned performances places the artists voice, concerns, and anxieties at the centre of the conversation. On display at Murray Art Museum Albury, NSW from 30 August till 10 November.

Group Exhibition: Civilization: The Way We Live Now. An international photography exhibitioin

Group Exhibition: River on the Brink: Inside the Murray-Darling Basin. This timely exhibition presented in collaboration with Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, focuses on what is the most pressing environmental crisis of our time: the on-going devastation of the Murray-Darling Basin. On display at S.H.Ervine Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney from 20 September till 3 NovembeS

Group Exhibition: Exploded Textiles. An exhibition of contemporary textile-based works from the AGNSW and Tamworth collections initiated to celebrate Tamworth’s 100-year anniversary. On display at Tamworth Regional Gallery 28 September till 1 December.

heidi an idea needing to be made july

Group Exhibition: An Idea Needing to Be Made. 12 international and Australian ceramic artists, exhibition of contemporary ceramics. On display at Heidi Musuem of Modern Art, Victoria from 27 July till 20 October.

clay stories

Group Exhibition: Clay Stories: Contemporary Indigenous ceramics from remote Australia. The exhibition presents pieces that are both sculptural and vessel-based, with each body of work representative of the artist’s connection to Country and as a strong medium for storytelling. On display at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria from 2 August till 13 October.

Group Exhibition: Trying to Find Comfort in an Uncomfortable Chair. An exhibition by artists included in Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art. On display at PICA, Perth till 6 October.

Group Exhibition: Watercolour Brilliance. Features artists such as Napier Waller, Norman Lindsay, Hans Heysen, Arthur Streeton and John Wolseley. On display at Hamilton Gallery, Victoria until 15th September.


Group Exhibition: Tjungu Palya. Bringing together a large body of visual and digital work by 12 Indigenous artists from the Nyapari community in South Australia. On display at Artbank Waterloo Sydney and Artbank Collingwood Melbourne till 8 November. Website.

Group Exhibition: STEEL: art design architecture. Groundbreaking exhibition showcasing renowned Australian artists, designers and architects. On display at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery until 29 September

Group Exhibition: Apocalyptic Horse explores psychology, the body and the landscape – and the theatre that ties them together – through the artistic practice of Albert Tucker, supported by other artists including Patricia Piccinini, Hayley Millar-Baker and James Gleeson. On display at Heidi 3, Albert & Barbara Tucker Gallery, Melbourne from 5 March till 15 September.

Group Exhibition: What Lies Within: Centre of the Centre. This exhibition the spaces that seem unknowable, speculative and alluring. On display at Artspace Gallery, Woolloomooloo, NSW from 5 September till 1 December.

Group Exhibition: Hope Dies Last: Art at the End of Optimism. A curated exhibition of Australian and international contemporary art. On display at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne from 5 October till 9 November.

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