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quilty AGSA 2019.jpgBen Quilty: Quilty. The first major survey exhibition of one of Australia’s most acclaimed contemporary artists. On display at Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide, from 2 March till 2 June.

Bernard Ollis: Departures. Includes 32 works on canvas and paper and depict Ollis’s impressions during his travels in Montmarte, Morocco, Sydney and Rajasthan. On display at Aarwun Gallery, Australian Capital Territory, from 1 March.

Cai Guo-Qiang & Terracotta WarriorsCai Guo-Qiang & Terracotta Warriors. In a dual presentation of Chinese art and culture past and present, the National Gallery of Victoria presents China’s ancient Terracotta Warriors alongside a parallel display of new works by one of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists, Cai Guo-Qiang. On display 24 May till 13 October.

darren sylvester a futureDarren Sylvester: Carve A Future, Devour Everything, Become Something. Melbourne-based artist’s first large-scale solo exhibition. On display at National Gallery Victoria, NGV, Federation Square, Melbourne until 30 June.

GNAP: Guirguis New Art Prize 2019. A selection of the best cutting-edge contemporary artists in the country. On display at Ballarat Art Gallery until 2 June.

Goobalathaldin Dick Roughsey: Stories of this Land. The first major retrospective celebrating the work and life of Goobalathaldin Dick Roughsey (1920-1985). On display at Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art from 30 March – 29 August.

Hans & Nora Heysen: Two Generations of Australian Art. 270 works by this acclaimed father and daughter duo. Ticketed. On display at National Gallery Victoria (NGV) Federation Square from 8 March till 28 July.

Isadora Vaughan: Gaia Not the Goddess. Vaughan’s sculptural assemblages are entanglements of lonce living organisms, and inorganic and synthetic matter inflected by human interference. On display at Heidi 3, Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Gallery, Melbourne from 2 March till 23 June

origins of capitalJames Farley, Jacob Raupach and Felix Wilson: On The Origins of Capital. A collaborative exhibition using photography as a speculative form of enquiry into the material, economic and ecological entanglements of extractive and transformative industries in the Anthropocene. On display at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW from 9 April till 19 June

jamie north The TippingJamie North: Slag Studies. In a suite of photographic works, North depicts the industrial process of extracting iron, rendered moodily dark and foreboding. On display at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne until 18 May.

Janet Burchill & Jennifer McCamley: Temptation to Co-Exist. Celebrates the achievement of these innovative artists, and the collaborative partnership they have sustained over several decades. On display at Heidi III, Central Galleries, Melbourne from 6 April till 14 July.

John Gollings: Indigenous sites featured in this exhibition of work by acclaimed Melbourne photographer John Gollings. Heide 2, Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne from 23 March to 21 July.

john wolesley pearl fisherJohn Wolseley & Mulkun Wirrpanda: Milluscs/Maypal and the warming of the seas. Both artists share a profound sense of the beauty and fragility of the earth and its ecosystems. On display at Geelong Art Gallery, Victoria until 2 June.

Madisyn Zabel: Perceptual Reversal. Newly commissioned installation that builds on Zabel’s current rationale, which explores the relationships between three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional interpretations in glass and mixed media. On display at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW until 5 April 2020.

Margaret Olley: A Generous Life. examines the legacy and influence of the much-loved Australian artist, Margaret Olley (1923–2011). On display at Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane from 15 June till 13 October.

Mick Turner: Surf Beach Postcards. Guitarist from the Dirty Three, Turners works have graced the covers of all seven albums and is collected within Australia and internationally. On display at Brightspace, St Kilda, Victoria from 3-27 April.

Mirka Mora: Pas de Deux – Drawings and Dolls. A glimpse into Mirka’s enchanting private universe, where hybrid characters derived from fairy tales, folk art, surrealism and the artist’s vivid daydreams. On display at Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne until 24 March.

monet impression sunriseMonet: Impression Soleil levant/Impression Sunrise. This exclusive exhibition brings together works from the impressionist master and other significant artists to examine the founding of an art movement—a defining moment in art history. Ticketed. On display at National Gallery Australia, Canberra from 7 June till 1 September.

Mortimer Menpes: Impressions of Brittany. Exhibition shows etchings made during Menpes time living at Pont-Aven between 1818-83. On display at Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, until 26 May.

Nana Ohnesorge: No Picnic at Ngannelong. In No Picnic at Ngannelong, Ohnesorge presents Joan Lindsay, author of the 1967 novel Picnic at Hanging Rock, as the creator of a myth which has perpetuated through time. On diplay at Ballarat Art Gallery until 25 August.

Oscar Martin de Burgos: From Atapuerca to Uluru. A symbolic experience through his sculptural work. In his fluid reflection, the work takes us on a spiritual journey through his connection with the rich fossil deposits in the mountains of the Atapuerca, Spain to his arrival and experience of the sacred, Uluru. On display at Stanley Street gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW from 27 March till 13 April.

Patrick Pound: The Fall. The Fall will include an installation from the museum of falling, a collection of things each of which holds an idea of fall or falling. On display at Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney, NSW from 23 February till 31 March.

Paul Sandy: Collection. In the 1770s, Sandby travelled extensively in Wales and England in search of the picturesque landscape and until the 1790s he enjoyed a successful career. On display at Hamilton Gallery, Victoria until April.

Patrick Pound: The Fall. A complex arrangement and installation of photographs and objects selected from the artists expansive archives. On display at Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney until 30 March.

Peta Minnici: Light On Nostalgia, 2019.  Still life objects, people and places evoking and also preserving a memory of a time in the past. On display at Mayspace, Waterloo, NSW from 20 March till 6 April.

Peter Simpson: Canopy. The expressive paintings of Sydney-based artist Peter Simpson map the vast topographies of the Australian landscape. On display at Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutter Bay, Sydney from 7-23 March.

Picasso: The Vollard Suite. Comprising 100 intaglio prints it was made by Pablo Picasso between 1930 and 1937. On display at Art Gallery of Ballarat from 23 February till 28 April.

Ramesh Mario-Nithiyendran: Creator. Figurative sculpture and ceramics that channel Hindu temple iconography, museum displays and colonial public monuments to form a dialogue with museum practices around the framing of Asian faith based objects. On display at Casula Powerhouse Art Gallery, Liverpool, NSW from 30 March till 12 May.

Rebecca Baumann: Window Work (Intersections & Notations.) Perth-based artist Rebecca Baumann site specific installation examines colour, light and time through a range of media, including installation, kinetic sculpture and performance. On display at NGV, Ian Potter Gallery, Federation Square, Melbourne till 24 March.

Sally Smart: The Violet Ballet. Through textiles, costumes, dance, film and shadow puppetry, The Violet Ballet presents a dynamic mise en scene. On display at part of the Adelaide Festival 2019 at Ace Open, Adelaide from 2 March till 27 April.

Simon Terrill: Crowd Theory. The exhibition explores crowd dynamics and the relationship between urban architectural spaces and those who inhabit them. Ten mural-sized photographs, a new sculptural work. On display at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fizroy, Victoria from 2 February till 31 March.

Susan Hipgrave: It’s a jungle out there. New series of hand painted ceramics. Hipgrave’s intricate paintings depict the natural world through a contemporary lens. On display at Arthouse Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney from 7-23 March.

Sydney Nolan: Ned Kelly. For the first time in 15 years, the National Gallery of Australia’s collection of Sidney Nolan’s ‘Ned Kelly’ paintings is touring Australia in its entirety. On display at Geelong Art Gallery, Victoria from 2 March till 26 May.

Tanya Smith: Untitled (Bundle). This absurd video considers the things in life that we are bound by, or bind ourselves, to. On display at Mayspace, Waterloo, NSW from 20 March till 7 April.

Vic McEwan: Haunting. A projection, video and photographic exhibition developed by the National Museum of Australia (NMA) in collaboration with Vic McEwan (The Cad Factory) during his residency at NMA in 2015. On display at Warrnambool Art Gallery from 8 June till 30 August.

Group Exhibition: Starstruck: Australian Movie Portraits. Striking portraits emerging from 100 years of Australian movies. On display at Home of The Arts, Gold Coast, Queensland from 2 March till 28 April.

milan-milojevicGroup Exhibition: Undercurrents. Three Tasmanian printmakers, Barbie Kjar, Jennifer Marshall, Milan Milojevic, on display at Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania until 19 May.

Group Exhibition: The Enchanted Forest: Nature and devotion in Indian art. Items from the galleries collection, includes contemporary Madhubani tribal paintings as well as a very rare fifteenth to sixteenth-century Indian textile depicting a forest scene. On display at Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, until 29 July.

Group Exhibition: The Hawkesbury. Featuring works by David Collins, Lyndall Beck and Viola Dominello, on display at Grace Cossington Smith gallery Wahroonga, NSW from 4 April till 9 May.

Group Exhibition: Woorara Wanik Waring: Mountain Pathway to the Sea. Aboriginal art show. On display at Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation, Kalimna West, Victoria from 22 March till 29 April.

Group Exhibition: Pandemic. Gothic pathologies, quarantines, and creative explorations of fear and transmission. On display at Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Hobart from 22 March until 13 May.

Group Exhibition: Salon des Refuses 2019. Alternative exhibition to the Archibald and Wynne Prizes, featuring artworks not displayed publically at either of these two exhibitions. On display at E.H. Ervine Gallery, Sydney from 11 May till 28 July

Group Exhibition: From Where I Stand. Features works from the Gallery’s collection that interrogate the tenuous balance between power and participation, the historical legacies of which continue to impact Indigenous Australians. On display at Art Gallery of NSW from 13 April till 14 July.

Group Exhibition: The Australian Life. Contemporary and historical pieces from the National Art Glass Collection that play a part in daily life, works that express a love for the landscape, portray hardships endured and others which define Australian society and culture. On display at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, NSW until 21 July.

Group Exhibition: The Whiteley at 20: Twenty Years of the Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship. Featuring works by all twenty recipents of the Award.  On display at E.H. Ervine Gallery, Sydney from 22 March till 5 May.

Group Exhibition: Geometric|Organic Abstraction. Drawn from the Benalla Art Gallery collection, the artists in this exhibition explore the possibilities of mixing geometric and organic shapes to create striking compositions. On display at Benalla Art Gallery,  Victoria, until 30th June.

Group Exhibition: Top Arts 2019. Showcases young artists’ exploration of some of the greatest concerns of contemporary times, and their creative celebration of humanity and the world. On display at NGV, Federation Square Melbourne from 22 March till 14 July.

Group Exhibition: Collectors Edition #6. Blue Mountains Cultural Centre’s annual collection acquisition exhibition on display from 9 March till 7 April.

Group Exhibition: Defying The Australian Ugliness. This selection of mid to late 20th Century works from the Gallery’s collection focuses on key movements in Australian art and design that defied mainstream culture at the time. On display at Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria from 25 March till 4 August.

Group Exhibition: Playback: Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2018. Presenting eight new works by contemporary artists, Vernon Ah Kee, Sharon Goodwin, Laura Hindmarsh, Locust Jones, Dorota Mytych, Jason Pju, Lucienne Rickard and Nick Strike. On display at Blue Mountains Cultural Centre from 16 March – 5 May.

tom ElliotGroup Exhibition: Tom Malone Prize 2019. A highly respected annual event within the Australian glass arts community, on display at Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth until May 13.

Group Exhibition: Apocalyptic Horse explores psychology, the body and the landscape – and the theatre that ties them together – through the artistic practice of Albert Tucker, supported by other artists including Patricia Piccinini, Hayley Millar-Baker and James Gleeson. On display at Heidi 3, Albert & Barbara Tucker Gallery, Melbourne from 5 March till 15 September.

Group Exhibition: The National 2019. The second of three biennial surveys presenting the latest ideas and forms in contemporary Australian art. On display at Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney from 29 March – 21 July.

Group Exhibition: Desert River Sea: Portraits of the Kimberley. New works from six Kimberley art centres and three independent artists will be presented alongside a selection of legacy works from art centre collections. On display at the Art Gallery of Western Australia from 9 February till 27 May.

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