Arts Orgs

art4u.australia provides an advisory service to guide and advise arts organisations on governance best practice, financial management, effective operations, marketing, volunteer management and digital processes.

Arts organisations are complex systems that operate within a simple framework-

Great Art + Marketing to Families = Revenue.

We recognise that arts organisations don’t have money to waste, therefore we offer an evidence-based advisory service.

Our organisational and business health check process help you identify gaps in capacity and capability. This informs your decision making, enables you to prioritise activities and ensures you invest money where it will have the greatest impact. A good place for you to start is to download our free, quick health check.

Through our suite of organisational diagnostic tools we collect evidence of the need for change. This enables you to understand your real issues, we then tailor our advice and guide you through a process of identifying and implementing solutions.

We understand the arts environment and are able to provide you with guidance in governance, marketing, operations, financial management and stakeholder engagement. We do not provide advice and guidance on program or artistic selection.

When you engage art4u.australia to advise and guide your business you enable us to promote art by Australian artists through our digital channels. We also direct 10% of our gross revenue into our social impact program to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become independent through their creativity.

When you are ready to explore ways to grow your revenue, reduce your costs or become a more efficient business email your interest to John Coxon and he will call you back.