Ozzie Street Art

Sheesse, it’s been a couple of months since our last blog post. We took a month off over the xmas break and kinda forgot to get back into action lol. So thought to myself better put something down on paper . . .when I came across this neat little article on Ozzie street art around our capital cities compiled by Tourism Australia.

Any list of top attractions must be viewed through a personal lens – one persons art is another persons school book scribble.

No doubt we all have our own personal favs when it comes to street art – just as its ironical how over the past two decades the illegal act of grafitti has become a globally acclaimed art form – Good On Ya Banksy – and all those unrecognised reprobates from years gone by.

I gotta say I love street art, it captivates me in a way no other art can do. I think its the rawness of the art, its in ya face and in the streets – places where we all wander and can look in our own time. Maybe its wonder at a grafitti artist being considered a real artist. I am reminded how many years ago, observing an entry into an exhibition, I commented to a colleague about the basic nature of the sculpture. His response was “look again, he may be a rank beginner however it’s in proportion, the lines are great and its anatomically correct. Its got good bones.”

We all need to be reminded from time to time to never judge a book by its cover!

We have woken from our slumber and we are back, Bring it on for 2021.

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