Transformational Art

Now is not the time for arts organisations to become timid. Granted, after the hammering of 2020 no one would blame you for hiding under a bush, but that isn’t what is needed. What is needed is an exciting, transformational art program that excites customers, audiences and donors.

Arts and culture will have an important, some may argue critical, part to play in the rebuilding of society over the next few years. We look to the arts for peace, reflection, inspiration and entertainment. Most importantly we don’t look to the arts to bore us to death.

A transformational artistic program will help to build your family of supporters. It is so much easier to market great art, even different art, than it is to market something familiar. Transformational art provides a plethora of stories for your marketing team and your family of supporters to talk about and to share with others.

Picasso, a master of artistic transformation and innovation said Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

{Pablo Picasso, image courtesy of Brittanica}

Transformative artistic programs achieve more than wash the souls of your family of supporters, they also nurture the artistic aspirations of your artists, they stretch imaginations and provide a platform for inspiration – all this leads to hope for the future. Art uplifts people, inspires them to overcome challenges and envision a better future.

While it may not be practical for every art project to be transformational, you should aim for something different. Repeating the same artistic program year after year may appear safe but in reality it is sending out a ‘we are boring’ notice to potential supporters, customers and donors.

I’m John Coxon, founder of art4u.australia a consulting agency helping arts organisations to remain viable and become sustainable through application of The Cycle a proven model for arts organisations. I can be contacted by email.

Copyright: The image used in this article is Banksy’s Rage the Flower Thrower

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