A New Normal

There are positive signs the level of infection from Covid-19 has been contained and the talk is turning to how the arts sector will return to a ‘new normal’. Regardless of the size of your organisation there will be operational factors to consider prior to rebuilding.

Employees and volunteers will return to work, though some may choose to continue with remote working. Employees will want to know their workplace is safe, and as an employer you have a legal obligation to ensure their safety.

Vistors, audience and customers will return to events, galleries and shops and you have an obligation to enable this in a manner consistent with social distancing rules.

In many instances there will be significant cost implications as a result of being forced to close down. Financial issues will continue, and possibly magnify with a return to a new normal. Venues and galleries will have to look long and hard at how they maintain a safe and infection free environment – for everyone.

Then there artists to consider, however we will leave that to another post. In the meantime it is time to start planning NOW for a return to work. Don’t leave this planning longer than need be. Preparing now will make the return easier and more seamless and reduce the potential for issues and risk.

To help you plan for this we at art4u.australia have developed a checklist for a return to work. You can download the post Covid-19 checklist here for free. We hope you find it helpful.

Edit: An updated version of this checklist is available by clicking the link above. The document was edited on 8th May to incorporate items on employee wellbeing upon return to work. These suggestions were kindly provided by Veronica Prado from Multicultural Arts. Thank you.

John Coxon is a creative engaged in photography, carving Jade and gemstone and is also a consultant working with arts organisations. John has a background in arts event management and more than two decades experience working with nonprofit organisations as an executive manager and consultant. To contact John email art4u.australia@gmail.com

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