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12 – 15 September at Carriageworks.

Five days of curated exhibitions appealing to the serious collector, art lover and those curious about contemporary art. Carriageworks is easily accessible from central Sydney and Redfern Station. All works are for sale. As this is a contemporary art show, visitors can expect to view and purchase visual arts of the 20th and 21st century sincluding paintings, drawings and prints while enjoying video works, scultural installations and performances.

Alongise the gallaries are curated sectors for installation art and performance as well as a program of panel discussion, guided tours, educational workshops and a pop-up restaurant.

Hong Kong based artist Movana Chen is the international artist in residence at Artspace in the lead up to the contemporary. Chen has been developing a work titled Body Container involving the collection of old maps of Australia and the Woolloomooloo neighbourhood and weaving them into a costume. Chen will present this work as a part of the contemporary performance program.

Three artists, Adam Jones, Joel Beers and Imogen Jade, from Little Orange arts centre in Cambelltown, Sydney will be exhibiting. Jones will provide Tarot readings to visitors using a specially commissioned deck featuring family members, artists and facilitators of  Little Orange. Imogen Jade creamy cocktail bar will feature all things calypso, icy and fruity. Joel will offer tours of the Fair in a transformed golf-buggy taxi bus while you listen to Joel’s stories of adventures on the bus each day as he is driven to Little Orange.

The Contemporary is offering visitors an opportunity to purchase exclusive, limited edition t-shirts designed by leading artist Jess Johnson, Jason Phu and Darren Sylvester.

On display in the environment of the Fair cafe will be the NEXT exhibition. This showcases cutting edge, contemporary artists under the age of 35 and includes works by Ed Bats, Joshua Bonson, Nadia Hernandez, Ruth Ju-Shii Li, Kirtika Kain, Dane Lovett, India Mark, Amber Moir, Prue Stent, Honey Long and Tira Walsh.

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