Shaun Hayes

I Guess This is Growing Up

18th September – 5th October 2019

Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW


Shaun Hayes creates work using imagery taken from toys, pop culture and found traditional ceramic figurines. Cutting up, exchanging, adding and altering elements to create narrative sculptures often with an unearthly and mysterious quality.

This most recent body of work, cements nostalgic imagery from childhood in the timeless medium of ceramics, using discarded toys and rearranging them to reawaken a sense of lost wonder and mystery. His works juxtapose classical ceramic iconography with childhood toys and throw away plastic objects, using creative play to spark imagination through fantasy, humour and skill.

For his upcoing solo exhibition I Guess This is Growing Up, Hayes contemplates the uncertainty of growing older and how the passing of time encourages inner deliberation as he grapples with his own transition into adulthoold.

“In his ceramics, Hayes grafts onto venerated traditional forms of vessels, drawn from Chinese and Greco-Roman models, slip cast disposable parts taken from plastic toys, drink bottles and toy weapons. It is an aesthetic of laughing through tears, whereas we marvel at the beautifully resolved glazed stoneware, but are aware of the disturbing imagery incorporated behind the shiny surface”. Sasha Grishin – Canberra Times, July 2019.

Shaun Hayes is a ceramic artist who investigates the relationship between throwaway objects and their ability to instill a sense of reflection on memory, creating a deeply nostalgic and sometimes humourous representation of time and place. Inspired by the experience of hearing a song on the radio from his childhood, the exhibition I Guess This Is Growing Up investigates how the arousal of memory can transport a person back in time

Content provided by the gallery. Image copyrite Shaun Hayes, I Only Just Realised I Am Short, 2019. Photo by Bryna Bamberry.

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