Know Your Audience

Who do you want your audience to be? When was the last time your board or management explored this question and when was the last time your management surveyed your audience to discover if what is want is what you have?

Now I know, the first, and often relevant objection is we don’t have the money or the people to do the job.

Lets put that to rest for the moment. Agreed, high quality audience feedback can be time consuming and expensive. You might not actually need that level of feedback.

You can start with the basics. Consider passing out, or mailing out to your subscriber base a survey form. Or place the form online on your website (with a link in your email signature) and then set up a free survey on Survey Monkey. Give your audience a choice of how they respond.

Survey Monkey will limit you to ten questions and there is a restriction upon the number of responses. That’s enough to get your started, and it’s free. Remember were taking baby steps and conducting basic audience research. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just do something.

Before you send out a survey, firstly take time to ask the question. Who is the audience we want? If you don’t ask the questio first then you have nothing to compare the survey response against.

Collecting data is of course the easy part of the process. Change occurs when your organisation does something with the feedback. It is important both the board and management group spend time discussing the feedback, comparing the data to the preset definition of audience and looking at what might be done as a result of the feedback.

This is where it will break down! Often when we receive feedback we won’t like the result. Often feedback contradicts our beliefs and it can be difficult to change perspective, admit that we can do better – it is easier to hide the report, than it is to do something with it.

At art4u our business advisors can solve this problem for you. We can frame the questions, conduct the survey, collate the data, provide analysis and facilitate the discussion. From there we can help you prioritise future actions, set out action plans, monitor progress and coach people through implementing your plan.

If your budget doesn’t allow for art4u to do the entire job, bring us in to facilitate the discussion and set out the action plan. It could mean the difference between your survey being a waste of time and your organisation moving forward into the future. Email your interest to John Coxon.

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