On The Origins of Capital

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

6 April – 19 May

James Farley, Jacob Raupach and Felix Wilson

On the Origins of Capital is a collaborative exhibition using photography as a speculative form of enquiry into the material, economic and ecological entanglements of extractive and transformative industries in the Anthropocene.

Working collaboratively to blur the lines between their distinct practices, James Farley, Jacob Raupach and Felix Wilson further entangle the material, social, and ecological realities of production and consumption in this period of late-capitalist and post-industrial transformation.

Moving between spaces as diverse and different as the LaTrobe Valley, Broken Hill, Beijing, Queenstown and Berlin, the exhibition weaves together a complex mesh of association, visualising the globally interconnected networks of extraction and production that allow us to go about our day to day lives. The works on display ask us to consider the interdependence and agency of all beings, human and non-human, sentient or not; as well as the unity and discord of material cycles which are necessary for the creation and coexistence of all life on this planet. Framed by these two themes, each artist is responding in some way to the threatening complexity of climate change and ecological estrangement, while also trying to subvert or flatten historical hierarchies that have allowed the ongoing exploitation of earth’s resources and nonhuman life.

The works within the exhibition have been developed collaboratively, blurring the lines between the artists distinct practices to create an entangled vision of our contemporary world. Each artist has distinct concerns within their practices, including examining the dematerialisation and concealment of labour, employing collaborative modes of photography guided by the principles of ecological thinking and reciprocity, and the ways that photographic images can be used to explore the material ecologies of nocturnal cities. On the Origins of Capital seeks to expand on each artist’s practice through the process of collaboration, where opposing approaches may align to reveal new insights about our place on earth.

Image: Jacob Raupach, Confluence Study I (detail) 2018. Info courtesy gallery.

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