Oscar Martin de Burgos

From Atapuerca to Uluru

27th March – 13th April 2019

Oscar Martin de Burgos’s exhibition From Atapuerca to Uluru, proposes a symbolic experience through his sculptural work. In his fluid reflection, the work takes us on a spiritual journey through his connection with the rich fossil deposits in the mountains of the Atapuerca, Spain to his arrival and experience of the sacred, Uluru. Martin de Burgos’ devotion to spirituality enables him to link the two ancestral cultures through his own intuition and expression. Within this exhibition, Oscar Martin de Burgos allows us to connect with and pay our respect to our ancestors through the passage of Animism and spirituality. On display at Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW.

This exhibitions joins primitive, human and spiritual to create over 25 large scale sculptures in steel and mixed materials.

Oscar Martín de Burgos establishes in this exhibition a dialogue with prehistoric art linking Atapuerca and Uluru. He presents us with a primitive, wild and ancestral iconography, deep in the symbolic connotations of human ritual and ancient cults. When we look at his work, we lose ourselves in time, submerging ourselves in unpublished volumes belonging to another way of feeling and being, ways of life and worship of nature that are almost forgotten.

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