March Muk Up

It’s time to laugh a little – at yourself.

Our month of March promo is titled March Muk Up.

What has been your greatest artistic muk up? What have done that was so silly that you still talk about it a dinner parties and get a good laugh?

It could be a piece of work that started out one, and ended up being like something else.

It could be something so bad (in your humble opinion) that you had to start all over again.

We invite you to share your experiences with our views on our Facebook page or Insta feed.

Don’t worry if we laugh – were laughing with you, not at you!

The post that recieves the most Likes will earn you complimentary tickets to an art event of your choice. (Maximum value $50).

More than the money you will achieve minor celebrity status. Others will want to follow you, like you and share you. When did that last happen?

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