The Convent

A recent visit to @conventgallery in Daylesford, Victoria revealed a treasure trove of artworks. #conventgallery

The Convent located in Daly Street, Daylesford was constructed in the 1860’s, originally as a private residence and was purchased by the Catholic Church in the 1880’s and used as a presbytery for a decade before it was decided the priest residing in the presbytery should have a more suitable place to live. Despite not be considered suitable for a priest, it was however considered suitable for nuns and boarders! This continued until the 1970’s, when it was decided more suitable accomodation should be found for the nuns. The boarding school closed in 1973.

Today the Convent comprises six acres of well preserved gardens, a cafe, a basement museum, the original bell tower with great views out over Daylesford, a convention centre, a gift shop and three floors of galleries.

Current exhibitions include works by –

  • Stella Clarke – Oil on canvas
  • Phillip Edwards – Watercolours
  • Richard Lamprecht – Glassware
  • Brian Nash – Acrylics on canvas
  • Jennifer Feller – Oil on canvas
  • Ross ImcIntosh – Watercolours
  • Jane Creenaue – Bronze
  • Bill Ogilvie- Bronze
  • Michael Berry – Acrylics, drawings & ink on paper
  • Debra Jackson – Acrylics
  • John Olsen – Etchings
  • Adrian Lockhart – Etchings
  • Leoon Pericles – Screenprints
  • Walter Ward – Oils & Watercolours
  • Keele Breen – Oil on canvas
  • Yael Susan Rayman – Acrylic on canvas
  • Peter Kirk – Accylic on canvas

20190212_115410The Convent represents more than 500 local & Australian artists. New exhibitions are created each eight weeks. You never know what you will see laying around or on display in addition to the advertised exhibits. On the day I visited I discovered a print of a painting by abstract artist Frank Hodgkinson titled Black Cockatoo, 1989. The Convent is that type of gallery, it is full of treasures. There were exquisite ceramic pieces, crafted glassware, pottery and gardens full of sculptures.


20190212_120501Brian Nash, a professional artist since the 1970, has exhibited in numerous single person exhibitions. Brian;s art is sought world-wide for inclusion in private collectio20190212_120656ns. Brian is a foundation member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists. At the Convent Brian exhibits stunning, oversized landscapes with exquisite detail.

20190212_11555520190212_120415.jpgBill Ogilvie, a full-time sculptor since the mid 1970’s has a number of small, figurine pieces on display. Ogilvie’s works seek to express a natural balance, poise and sense of life. For many years Ogilvie observed and studied the Australian Ballet, with a number of ballet principals serving as muse for Ogilvie’s sculptures. Ogilvie states, “My first priority in the creation of a sculpture is to attempt to breathe life, movement and vitality into the bronze.” (excerpt from exhibition notes)

20190212_113816Debra Jackson had on display a series of large, vibrantly coloured, thick textured paintings inspired by the Australian landscape. Debra has lived and worked in her places of inspiration. She was raised by the sea in Torquay and later worked as a nurse in the Torres Straits and Cape York Peninsula. She lived among the 20190212_113732farms and vineyards of the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula and is now back by the ocean where she resides in Ocean Grove.

Debra has travelled extensively throughout Australia and keeps these visions and experiences in her memories both visually and emotionally, all ready to be made into paintings.

There were many more artworks than can be shown in this post. One that caught my eye was a piece by Michael Berry. You can see this work titled Manifestation, a 3-dimensional, canvas collage, that drew the viewer back, time and time again.

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