Picnicking with the Wolves

Klara Jones and Sue Fraser are printmakers with an exhibition titled Picnicking with the Wolves, currently on display at East Gippsland Art Gallery, until 23 February.

Fairy tales have been with us for hundreds of years, yet they remain popular and relevant. The power of these tales lies in the truths they speak – of love, bravery, deceit, cruelty etc. The list is as broad as the human experience. Klara Jones and Sue Fraser express through their art, the magic that these tales have to illustrate to what is good and bad within us all.

klara jones   sue fraser the wolf still dresses up

Image copyrite: (Left) Klara Jones. Allerleirauh (All kinds of fur). Lifesize silicon

(Right) Sue Fraser. The Wolf Still Dresses Up. Linocut print.

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