Aboriginal Art Fair

The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (affectionately known as DAAF) provides an amazing and genuine opportunity for arts industry buyers, and art and design aficionados, to purchase art directly from Indigenous owned and incorporated Art Centres.

The Fair showcases the work of emerging and established artists, and provides a space for visitors to meet them and learn from the variety of different cultural groups across Australia. There is a range of styles, mediums and products available including: paintings on canvas, bark paintings, works on paper including limited edition prints, sculpture, didgeridoos, fibre art and cultural regalia. The diversity of Indigenous art at the DAAF is remarkable!

DAAF was originally conceived and designed to complement the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA).  DAAF also celebrates the National Indigenous Music Awards and the Garma Festival which are also held over the same week.

Together, these prestigious events mark the most significant national festival of  national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts in the world.

DAAF is held annually in August, and is proud to sit under the umbrella of the Darwin Festival.

The fair provides a unique opportunity to purchase stunning art and experience the rich diversity of artwork that has been inspired by Australia’s most remote desert and coastal regions, to rural and urban communities.

Visitors can experience art and design from established and emerging artists, that chart the future of this vibrant and evolving contemporary Indigenous art scene. The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair boasts a program of artist workshops, spectacular traditional dance performances, children’s activity stations, film, fashion and more! DAAF can certainly guarantee a memorable experience for all who attend.

Come and engage with the contemporary creations of the oldest continuous living culture in the world!

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