A Tapas of Art 22nd May

Kate Bohunnis has been announced as winner of the Ramsay Art Prize for 2021, with her sculpture titled edges of excess. The entry becomes part of the collection at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Geelong Art Gallery has a 25 year survey of works by Blanche Tilden, a jeweler creating in glass, until 9…


Much more will be gain through collaboration, than through competitive behaviour. Not only will your ideas gain traction, you will also enjoy working and achieve a better work life balance

Creating Discomfort

Being creative and bending the rules is at the heart of art, yet in doing so we risk creating confusion amongst our audience. We should remain creative, being different, while also considering that when an audience fails to respond it may be they just cant make sense of it all.

Top 10 Concerns

People are impacted upon by issues within society. These issues can dominate our lives and even guide our beliefs and behaviours. What is the role of the arts in regards to the issues that concern our audience?

Call to reduce public sector costs

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald in early February reported upon the intentions of the NSW State Government’s call reduce public sector costs – read reduce staff numbers – as the State Government seeks to balance its budget in the wake of spending on Covid-19 measures. This is not entirely unexpected. I’m sure it…

A Changing Population

Australia’s population is changing, towards a greater number of people where English is not their first language. Arts organisations need to be aware of the diversity within their audience base.

Circular Economy in Arts

A circular economy offers opportunities for arts organisations to reduce costs and minimise harmful impacts upon the environment

Selling art online

Selling art online offers opportunities for artists and gallery owners, however the process requires time, money and commitment.

Ozzie Street Art

Street art has emerged from its ignoble beginnings and serves as a timely reminder to never judge a book by its cover

A fish rots from the head

A fish rots from the head, leadership starts at the top – with effective governance – if arts organisations want to be truly diverse then start with a diverse governance group

Artistic Program

You cannot produce great art if you leave your artistic planning till the last minute. You will be forced into producing the tired, old, stuff of the past.